What are your qualifications?

I’ve been babysitting for 15 years and teaching for 12. I studied education, psychology, theater, and math at first Barnard College (Columbia University), and then SUNY New Paltz. I’ve worked at multiple summer camps and after school programs for at least a decade. In addition, I am very in touch with my own inner child. I have always related well with children and enjoyed their company. I am naturally very loving and patient, which helps me in my work tremendously.
Many times after I’ve worked with a child, parents will ask me “How did you do that?” or “What did you say to him/her?” when they see their child behaving obligingly and thoughtfully. I do and say a lot of things, which are hard to convey quickly, which is why I decided to start parent coaching.

How do I control my kids?

First of all, you’re asking the wrong question. An effective and caring parent does not seek to control their children. Rather, parents should work with their children to develop their skills of self-discipline. This is difficult and requires patience and diligence. Furthermore parents must be willing to reflect upon and potentially change their own behavior. Often, children are mirroring the behavior they see at home. Parents must take responsibility for modeling kindness, patience, diligence, respect, and self control, in order to pass on these skills to their children.

What is “Parent Coaching”?

It’s just what it sounds like. I will first observe and then advise and work with a whole family together to resolve conflicts, nourish relationships, and encourage pro-social behaviors. I call it “parent coaching” because it is the parents who seek out my help and, perhaps more importantly, it is the parents who truly have the power to change the the situation. Children are products of their environments. Grownups have developed a self-awareness that allows us to consciously decide to behave against our instincts. I expect parents first, and then children, to learn to catch their own anger and turn it into empathy, to control their tone of voice and be thoughtful and measured in their language, and to be willing to show vulnerability. The children won’t do it unless the adults in their lives show them how.

How much do you charge?

Babysitting: $20-30/hr

Tutoring: $60-90/hr

Parent Coaching: $60/hr

Birthday Parties: $600-700

Camp Birdy for Kids: $120/day

Camp Birdy for Grown Ups: $60/session

I offer a range of prices for some services because I want my services to be affordable to all kinds of families, not only the most privileged. (Follow the links for more info about each service).