Sock Dolls for Fathers’ Day

One of my most refined skill sets is crafting. I like to use these skills to help kids make gifts for their loved ones. The process is also an opportunity for them to practice empathy and compassion. I encourage two guidelines for all gifts:

  1. Gifts should be functional and have a purpose beyond sitting on a shelf. We brainstorm about the needs of the loved one and what functions would be most useful to them. (Art, jewelry, and other less functional things are allowed though).
  2. Gifts should be personalized and feature your creativity. We brainstorm about the preferences of the loved one and what message or image would be most satisfying to them.

Once we have a plan, we get the necessary supplies and work together to make something unique and skillfully crafted.

Flat Fee: $15/child (If we need to buy new materials, I will ask for a reimbursement for anything we use all of or that the child keeps.)


Fibonacci necklace

Custom hats that a child can make
Sock Dolls for Fathers’ Day