Summer (and Winter) Fun in the City!

Camp Birdy has been running for about six years. It is a week of adventuring and creating during which I and up to six children explore the city, make craft projects, play games, and more! Each day we visit a different neighborhood to taste its food (particularly its ice cream), play on its playgrounds and in its parks, and find its hidden treasures. We aim to become connoisseurs of the city!

Past activities include:

  • giant bubble making
  • face painting
  • costume making
  • “snowball” fights
  • fort building
  • MTA adventure
  • book making
  • stop-motion animation
  • story writing
  • play production
  • stuffed animal making
  • jewelry making
  • Will It Milkshake?
  • Ice Cream Investigators
  • recycled art
  • decorating t-shirts
  • trip to Governors Island
Stylish face paint in Union Square
We made stuffed foxes with improvised “Beenie Boo eyes”
We made a magazine!
Ice Cream Testing at Amorino
Giant Bubbles!!!
The 2017 Solar Eclipse!!! 

Dates are flexible.


$30/hr for one child, $35/hr for two, $40/hr for three, etc.

flat rate of at least $30 or budget of your choice for incidentals, food, crafts, etc.

Experience & Education:

  • 20 years babysitting.
  • 17 years teaching.
  • 18 years working at summer camps and after school programs.
  • Two years assistant teaching at Hunter Elementary.
  • Eight years attending Hunter Elementary (foundation for divergent thinking skills).
  • Six years attending Hunter High School (foundation for writing skills).
  • Studied Education at Barnard College (Columbia University), and at SUNY New Paltz with a concentration in Math.
  • Volunteered at Hogar de Vida, an orphanage in Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • Link to my full CV

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