Artwork and Projects

Miss Birdy is the Queen of Arts and Crafts

Here are a few examples of things I've made with and for kids.

I like to make things out of things that can be found at a 99 cents store or the recycling bin, like sponges, socks, cardboard boxes, etc. I am magical with a hot glue gun, and can sew by machine and by hand.

Hand-Written Worksheets

Here are a few examples of worksheets I make for my kindergarteners. Each one is associated with a lesson.

"HARD MATH" Worksheets

Some of my students are particularly gifted in mathematical thinking. To keep these kids engaged and challenged, I started making "Hard Math" worksheets. Now they ask for them.

Coloring Pages

I used to make coloring sheets for my students.

If you'd like to see my official CV, click HERE!