Sugar Dragon Has a Problem

Sugar Dragon Has a Problem is a children’s book about addiction that I wrote and illustrated (with the help of the incredibly talented Lauren Slusser) and is now available for purchase on for $15! The story was inspired by my desire to discuss addiction with my kindergarten students a few years ago. They pushed me make the plot realistically difficult when I wanted it to be easy. As usual, while I was trying to teach them, they were actually teaching me.


Have you ever felt like you made a bad decision without your own permission? Have you ever felt like two different parts of yourself were having a fight inside your head? Well, Sugar Dragon knows the feeling. His bad decision is stealing: whenever he sees something shiny, he just has to take it. He tells himself it’s wrong, but some other part of him doesn’t seem to care! And when something glitters at him, that’s the part that seems to control his body! He feels ashamed, but he also loves to roll around in his mountain of sparkly treasure.
Nobody knows about Sugar Dragon’s problem until he accidentally gives away the secret to his best friend. Luckily, his best friend is the Ooli Ooli Bird, who always gives the best advice, and she has an idea!
Join Sugar Dragon on his journey to understanding his problem and finding a path to self control.

Sample Illustrations

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