“We met Birdy when she was a summer camp counselor and have been working with her over the last few years.  She’s enriched our daughter’s life in so many ways – nurturing her creativity, teaching her how to make just about anything, and expanding her knowledge of New York City along the way.  Working with Birdy is far and away better than any arts and crafts class we’ve been able to find!”

– Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-Founder of Teach For All; Mother of Four

“Birdy is a charismatic leader with tons of energy and great ideas. She loves children of all ages and works with them in imaginative ways. She’s gifted in many areas — dramatically, musically and artistically — and her enthusiasm is infectious.”

– Sean Hartley, Director, Kaufman Music Center’s Theater Wing; former employer at Lucy Moses Summer Musical Theater Camp

“Birdy truly loves being with children, and always comes up with creative activities to keep them engaged, like sewing stuffed animals, or mapping imaginary worlds. My kids have great fun with her, because Birdy doesn’t treat childcare as a job, she treats it as an opportunity to enjoy life with the good ones, AKA the kids of the world.”

– Jennifer Stillman, Director of Assessment and Evaluation at New Classrooms; Mother of Two

“Birdy has an exceptional and natural way with children, which started when she was a child herself (we met when she was 11). While working with her professionally I have seen her ability to instantly click with a child and key into the most effective way to nurture and support that child. She is kind, empathetic, responsible, and not only provides a safe nurturing environment for children, but actively explores ways to engage them in creative, challenging, and enriching ways.”

– David Williams, Director for the IF Foundation Pilbara Performing Arts Initiative; former mentor, and employer at NiteStar Theater Company

“Miss Birdy has been my daughter’s kindergarten teacher this year [2016-17] and she is, in a word, spectacular.  I truly cannot imagine a better educator.  She is brilliant and motivational, creative and artistic, kind and empathetic.  My daughter has learned so much from her about math, science, art, music, books, and clearly adores her, as all her students seem to do.  Consider yourself lucky indeed if Miss Birdy flies in on her umbrella into your home and your child’s life.”

– Tali Farhadian Weinstein, Mother of Three

Miss Birdy was my son’s assistant kindergarten teacher and has since tutored him and our younger daughter in advanced math. We have been very impressed by how she relates to kids at different levels and her unique ability in making learning fun. Miss Birdy’s approach to teaching science is also something we admire. She teaches interesting topics such as the human brain, DNA, and evolution. Her creativity and enthusiasm come across in every interaction!

– Puneet Singhvi, Father of Two

Before I started working with Miss Birdy, my math test scores were in the 70s, but after a few weeks working with her, I have started scoring in the 90s. She finds the best way to explain concepts to me based on how I learn. She has also helped me develop skills for organizing my assignments and my time. She gives me tools and structure that help me to be more confident and also a better student.

– Julián, Hunter 8th grader (in 2019), Math Tutoring Student

As an educator with expertise in faculty professional development and differentiation, I have been impressed with Miss Birdy’s creativity and responsive curricular delivery. As a parent, I have been touched to witness the compassion, energy, and generosity of spirit she shows for the children in her care. Miss Birdy is able to offer families thoughtful, informed plans of action that draw from her research and considerable experience. As she instructs, she sparks interest, models reflective practice, and leads activities with a genuine enthusiasm. The result is happy learning!

– Kathryn Larkins, Graduate Coordinator, CUNY – Guttman Community College; Mother of woT

We met Miss Birdy when she was a teacher in my son’s Kindergarten class.  Miss Birdy has a contagious energy and really knows how to communicate with children.  She saw my son’s strengths and helped develop them, encouraging him to push himself in a safe environment.  Miss Birdy creates age appropriate work and worksheets that children enjoy doing–they even ask for more!

 – Amy Wertheimer, Mother of Two