Before I hired a professional organizer, I always felt completely overwhelmed in my personal space because everything was everywhere all the time. However, after 4 sessions with her, not only was my tiny studio completely transformed, but so was I! I was miraculously able to take on and maintain and even improve these skills I learned during those sessions. I helped my friend reorganize after a divorce, then I helped my mom reorganize her entire home, then another friend’s home office, and finally I got the idea I should do it professionally.

My Approach

Organizing has two main aspects, emotional and logistical, which are interrelated. Most people feel like the logistical aspect is more difficult to master. However, it is actually this feeling that creates most of the obstacles in organizing. Anxiety leads to resistance and sometimes collapse, and attachment to objects makes decisions more fraught and sometimes painful. For this reason, my approach prioritizes emotional care.

The process is to first get an idea of the full scope of the project. We then break it down based on urgency and feelings of resistance. We then triage every object into trash, give away, or keep and keep. Everything we keep is categorized and storage needs and strategies emerge. Every object is given a home. As we go, we usually do some cleaning and reminiscing.


In person = $100/hour

Over zoom = $70/hour